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    Configuring Video Availability

    In this topic you will learn how to configure video availability.

    The video availability properties can be used to control the dates and times that a video can be viewed.

    To view and edit the availability properties for a video, open the Videos page, click the video title link and locate the Availability section.

    To edit the Availability properties, click the Edit button or double-click in the section.

    Configuring start and end dates

    A start date/time and end date/time can be set for videos. The dates/times control when a video will be available for viewing.

    By default, videos are Available Immediately and have No End Date. To set start/end dates and times:

    1. Click the radio button next to the date/time field.
    2. Click in the date field and use the calendar control () to select a date.
    3. Click the clock icon () to set a time.
    4. Click Save.

    Page last updated on 19 Jun 2021