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    Brightcove Engage System Requirements

    This page summarizes the software and hardware requirements for creating experiences with Brightcove Engage, as well as requirements for Brightcove Players.

    To work with Brightcove Engage, your computer should meet the following requirements.

      Windows PC Mac
    Operating System

    Windows 10
    Windows 8
    Windows 7

    macOS 10.13 or newer


    Firefox - latest version
    Chrome - latest version
    Internet Explorer 11 or newer
    Edge - latest version

    Firefox - latest version
    Chrome - latest version
    Safari - latest version


    [1] Older browser versions may still function. Brightcove does not test and verify full compatibility with all browser versions.

    Port and domain access

    In addition, please aware that other ports and domains may be used by Brightcove Engage. For a complete list, see this topic.

    Brightcove Player Requirements

    The Brightcove Player system requirements can be found here.

    Page last updated on 29 Apr 2020